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My name is Elena Efimova. I am a mom of a 3-year old boy and I need help. My son has been seriously sick for a long time. We spent the whole last year in the hospital, as my son German constantly requires blood transfusions.
His further treatment, and even life, depend only on undergoing bone marrow transplantation, for which he needs a donor. German is our only child and he has no related donor. We need to search for an unrelated donor at the international registry. The donor search, his/her activation and delivery of transplant to St. Petersburg cost 17,500 euros.
I am an elementary school teacher, and for the last year I has been on a sick leave. For this reason, I am asking for your help. German and I are hoping for your understanding of our difficult situation and will wait for your help.

Elena Efimova


Update as of December 11, 2011. We are sincerely grateful to Russian Help Fund for agreeing to pay for donor's bone marrow harvesting (10,000 euros). Therefore, we now need to raise 5,000 euros for the costs of donor search and 2,500 euros for delivery of transplant.

Update as of February 8, 2012. Gera is practically always at the hospital (Tyumen Regional Children's Clinical hospital). Every 5 days he gets blood transfusions, as he is not producing his own blood cells. Until the time a donor is found, Gera will have to be hospitalized. A donor search was paid for in full, but a donor was not found yet.

Update as of September 7, 2012. A donor for Gera was found at the International registry, and transplantation was preliminarily scheduled for October. Gera is now undergoing tests in Tyumen. He is still receiving blood transfusions and takes Exjade.

Update as of October 4, 2012. Gera came to R. Gorbacheva Pediatric Hematology & Transplantation Institute for transplantation of bone marrow from a matching unrelated donor who was found through International registry. Transplantation was scheduled for October 9th. Gera is undergoing conditioning and he is feeling well.

Update as of October 27, 2012. Gera is recovering after the transplantation with great difficulty. Antibiotics brought the fever down, but the leukocyte count remains very low. Besides the boy has a bad mucositis and cannot eat or drink. He is getting food and drugs intravenously. The boy is administered pain killers, Actovegin, immunosuppressant losporinum as well as Cansidas to prevent fungal infections. In addition to that Gera is having blood and platelet transfusions.

Update as of November 11, 2012. Gera's mucositis was taken under control. He feels much better and began eating by himself. He is even allowed to go for walks. Gera's leukocyte count grew somewhat. He receives antibiotics, immunoglobulin Octagam and an antifungal drug Cancidas. Next week he is planned to have a control puncture.

Update as of November 30, 2012. Control puncture showed that Gera is in remission and donor's bone marrow is engrafting successfully. He feels better and blood counts had improved, and the doctors allowed his transfer to outpatient unit.
The little boy has mild skin GVHD and was prescribed low doses of hormonal drugs. An antifungal drug Cancidas was replaced by Vfend.
Due to hormonal therapy Gera has fluctuating moods, but it does not stop him from active participation in holiday celebrations at the hospital.

Update as of January 23, 2013. Gera's graft does not function good enough. It was decided to replant stem cells to him. Donor's approval of the additional stem cells harvesting was requested. The boy is in the day patient facility. He attends hospital for blood and platelets transfusion; from time to time he takes Neupogen to boost white cells generation, as well as Octagam and Albumin. Hormone therapy was discontinued, but the boy still takes preventive doses of immunosuppressant losporine and Vfend. Cytomegalovirus was overcome; NeoCytotect was discontinued. Despite the low blood count the boy feels quite well.

Update as of February 14, 2013. Infusion of donor stem cells is scheduled on February 15. Gera is still being treated with Octagam. Due to Neupogen the leukocyte count has grown a bit higher, but platelets and hemoglobin need to be transfused more often than before.

Update as of February 20, 2013. On 15th February Gera was infused donor's cells. On 18th February his blood counts dropped, he received blood and platelets transfusion and was transferred to a day hospital. Gera feels ok. After donor's cells transfusion, his blood pressure rose, but now it is back to normal. In about a month it will be possible to evaluate whether donors cells infusion helped to stimulate donor's bone marrow activity.

Update as of March 20, 2013. Gera continues to be observed as an outpatient, still takes Octagam and receives blood and platelets transfusions. His white blood cells counts slightly went up, but hemoglobin is still low and platelets do not stay within a normal range. The boy takes antibacterial and immunosuppressive drugs and Vfend in prophylactic doses.
Recently Gera was running a fever that could've been caused by infection in the central catheter. The catheter was removed and for tomorrow Gera is scheduled for insertion of a new catheter, control puncture and biopsy - the results will be ready in two weeks.

Update as of April 25, 2013. At the end of March German was hospitalized with immune fever, for three weeks the little boy had a fever and received antibacterial therapy. Currently German is treated on an outpatient basis, is feeling unwell, is listless, and sleeps a lot. Following the results of the lumbar puncture, the donor transplant has engrafted, but so far is not working well. German receives platelet transfusions once or twice a week, is treated with an immunoglobulin Octagam, and receives blood transfusions approximately once every three weeks. The boy continues his regimen of immunosuppressants (Cyclosporine has been supplemented by Sirolimus) and Vfend. German is very tired of all the treatments and is missing his beloved grandma who is waiting for him at home. The little boy dreams of a magic wand: "I would go to Tyumen or make it so that grandma comes to me."

Update as of May 30, 2013. Unfortunately, donor's bone marrow does not function well in German's body: his blood counts are low, and nosebleeds started to appear. On 28th of May German underwent spinal biopsy. Next treatment will depend on test results.
Gera is being seen as an outpatient. He receives blood and platelet transfusions as well as immunoglobulin Octagam, antifungal Vfend and higher doses of immunosuppressors. Lately he's had pain in legs caused by muscle athrophy, which was improved on Zometa therapy. Gera feels rather well, hes in a cheerful mood, moves a lot and tries to dance.

Update as of July 1, 2013. Based on the spinal biopsy, the donor transplant has fully engrafted; however, German's bone marrow produces antibodies that disrupt its functioning. The doctors' council at R. Gorbacheva Institute of Hematology and Transplantation decided to administer treatment with the immunosuppressive agent Mabthera. Gera also continues therapy with Cyclosporine, Octagam, Zometa and Vfend. Sirolimus has been cancelled. Gera receives blood and platelet mass transfusions from time to time. Leukocyte production is stimulated with Neupogen.
Gera feels rather well. He's made friends with a boy who lives next door, and the kids go for walks and play together. German's dad has returned home to Tyumen, but now his beloved grandma has come to visit.

Update as of July 31, 2013. After four immunosuppressive therapy courses courses with Mabtera Gera's leukocyte count rose, but the platelet and hemoglobin counts remain low. Due to frequent blood transfusions the ferritin level in the boy's blood is too high so he was prescribed Exjade.
The boy is also taking losporinum, antibiotics, Octagam, Vfend as well as medications for the heart (German's right atrium is enlarged). A while ago the boy had an immune system fever, but when he started to take hormones the temperature went down, and now Gera is feeling ok.
He loves dancing to music and does that whenever he has a chance.

Update as of September 10, 2013. Gera is monitored at day hospital, he feels rather well. White cells count is within the norm. Hemoglobin count is stable at 83, plateletes count is increased thanks to weekly infusions of Nplate. Last month no blood or platelets transfusions were required. The boy continues intake of Exjade, Vfend, Cyclosporine and antibiotics.
Last week analysis for cytomegalovirus titer showed increased quantity of virus, so Cymevene was prescribed to treat it. The little boy feels rather well, he is more active and eager to run with other kids on the playground, but his mother won't let him do it yet.

Update as of October 11, 2013. German still does not require blood transfusions: his blood counts are stable, while platelet count is on a lower side of the norm. Nplate injections are ongoing.
CMV is under control, and Cymevene was cancelled. Gera receives antibiotics and Octagam to control bacterial infection. Gera also continues to receive low dosage of Cyclosporine and Vfend to control fungal infections. Lately he has been much more active: he tries to run whenever possible rather than walk and spends much time outdoors collecting the fall leaves. Recently, he started to have sessions with a volunteer speech therapist, he enjoys them a lot.

Update as of November 19, 2013. Thanks to therapy with Nplate, Gera managed to go three months without blood transfusions, but after the drug withdrawal (the drug was unavailable), his blood counts plummeted. Now Gera is receiving blood and platelets transfusions again. AdVita fund and Dmitry Malikov's charity purchased 7 bottles of Nplate - this should be enough for 7 weeks of treatment. Therapy is planned to resume tomorrow. Despite the weakness, drowsiness and poor appetite, Gera stays optimistic and expects to return home to his beloved grandmother soon.

Update as of December 22, 2013. Resuming the Nplate therapy gave the desired effect: there has been an increase not only in plateles, but also in the hemoglobin count, and presently Gera does not need any blood transfusions.
The boy is well and lively. If everything goes well, Gera's doctors will allow him to celebrate the New Year in Tyumen, at home with his beloved grandmother. Gera recently attended a Christmas tree party thrown at the hospital and became overjoyed with all the gifts he received. Thanks to the speech therapy sessions, Gera learned to pronounce the R sound and now "rrrrrroars" all the time.
Now Gera is being tapered off the steroids he was put back on during a break in treatment with Nplate. Therapy with Cyclosporin and Vend is maintained.

Update as of January 25, 2014. Gera was very happy that doctors let him celebrate New Year at home in Tyumen. On January 8th, the boy and his mother returned to St. Petersburg. After two-week break from taking Nplate, the level of platelets dropped, but was controlled without blood transfusion. Hemoglobin and leukocytes are currently stable. The boy restarted Nplate therapy. Also, Gera continues to receive Cyclosporine and Vfend as maintenance, and every two weeks he is receiving immunoghlobin therapy.
Gera is feeling rather well, and loves to spend time outdoors. He is very happy to play in the snow and loves to slide down the hill.

Update as of February 27, 2014. After he had been taken off immunosuppressants, Gera's skin GVHD got worse and therefore he was put back on Cyclosporine and hormones. He is also taking Vfend and IVIG.
Currently his GVHD is controlled, but his platelet counts are down. He is administered Nplate and is scheduled for another course of MabThera. Next week he is scheduled for puncture.
Gera is feeling fine. He has a very good appetite but his mood changes with a lightning speed. His dad promised to come from Tyumen in late March and the boy is looking forward to his visit.

Update as of April 2, 2014. Gera is currently monitored as a day patient. He is feeling much better. The second course of MabThera was cancelled: after Nplate Gera's blood counts finally went up. The follow-up puncture was normal. We are still waiting for the results of trephine biopsy. Gera has no signs of skin GVHD and is gradually taken of hormones. He is still taking Cyclosporine, an immunosuppressant, and VFend.
Lately he has been very active and is really enjoying long walks. Tomorrow is Gera's birthday: he is turning 6! He can count on receiving a couple of new LEGO sets: his parents, grandma and uncle are well aware of his wish list.

Update as of May 5, 2014. When his doctors attempted to lower the dosage of Cyclosporine and hormones, Gera's skin GVHD flared up and his platelet counts started falling. So for now he has returned to the prior levels of immunosuppressant therapy. The doctors have also been unable to increase the length of time between Nplate injections. Further treatment will be discussed shortly.
German is currently down with a cold, but nevertheless is feeling alright. He is still active, runs a lot, and is looking forward to warmer weather and another visit to his beloved botanical gardens. In poor weather, Gera spends time playing with Legos and reading: hes doing a great job reading by himself.

Update as of June 10, 2014. Since Gera's PLT count remained stable, the doctors once again tried to take him off NPlate. The boy was off the medicine for 20 days. Initially his blood counts were normal, but then the PLT count started going down. Tomorrow he will have another NPlate injection. The doctors are still deciding on further treatment.
Some time ago he was taken off VFend, the antifungal agent, because the doctors thought that it might affect the bone marrow functions. Shortly afterwards the tests showed low levels of Cyclosporine in Gera's blood and his doses of immunosuppressants were increased. He shows almost no signs of skin GVHD and was taken off the hormones. To avoid another GVHD attack, Gera's mom banned him from eating any sweets.
The boy is feeling well. He is still active and cheerful, but now that his PLT count is so low, he will need to be careful not to get bruised or scratched.

Update as of July 14, 2014. Recent control puncture showed that the bone marrow transplant had engrafted at 100%, but unfortunately, it is not working yet at full capacity. To date the results of the biopsy haven't been received yet.
Every possibility of transplant stimulation has been exhausted. The only effective one was Nplate, if it is continuously administered. In the near future German will restart therapy with it. Russian Help fund promised to help with purchasing of Nplate.
Last week Gera contracted intestinal infection. Thanks to therapy provided, he started feeling better and happier, but his energy level remains low.

Update as of September 9, 2014. Over the last month and a half German was once again administered Nplate: first weekly and then biweekly. His PLT count remains at 200.
Lately his liver tests showed sharp increase, but hepatoprotective drugs brought them back to normal. He is still on Cyclosporine because otherwise he gets GVHD attacks. He also continues taking Exjade.
Otherwise he feels fine and is happy to play Lego or go for walks all day along. He particularly enjoys visiting Yelagin Island. Reading is his other passion, but he is not that keen on writing or counting. German and his mom even registered with the local library: the boy is fascinated by the experience of selecting books to read.

Update as of November 11, 2014. Gera has been treated as an outpatient. He receives injections of Nplate weekly and currently his platelet count is good.
The boy feels well, although recently there were some issues with unstable blood pressure. Gera currently has a minor cough, and he is seeing a pulmonologist.
The kid is doing well, he is very active, and still loves reading and playing with Lego. Gera is waiting for the New Year gifts. While his Christmas wishes are changing every day, he promises to make up his mind about what he wants from Santa when he writes him a letter.

Update as of December 16, 2014. Gera continues to undergo therapy at an outpatient clinic. He feels fine, and the doctors manage to take care of occurrences of GVHD with the help of Ciclosporine. His immune system has recently started to respond less to Nplate: his thrombocyte levels haven't been rising above 70. Further treatment is being discussed.
German and his mom plan to spend the New Year in St. Petersburg. Gera has been waiting for the holiday and hopes to get another Lego for a present.

Update as of January 27, 2015. Gera is still under the care of doctors in the day patient facility. Nplate is injected on regular basis. Although the medicine does not work as well as previously, his blood count does not drop to the critical level and blood transfusion is not needed.
The doctors are discussing a course of Atgam and the third bone marrow transplantation, as a subsequent treatment, but the final decision has not been made yet.
At present Gera's cyclosporine level in blood has dropped, and skin GVHD aggravated again. Advantan and Elidel ointments help to cope with the GVHD manifestations. In addition, recently Gera's liver values rose, and he takes Ursosan.
Gera got a lot of presents for the New Year, he attended several Christmas shows and took part in a range of events and master classes. At present, the boy is getting ready for school. He can already write in block letters well, but prefers Lego constructors and cartoons to practicing letters in a notebook.

Update as of March 10, 2015. The doctors decided to administer treatment with high doses of the immunoglobulin. There is also a possibility of therapy involving one more cycle of Atgam. The boy already received Octagam therapy, but it didn't, unfortunately, change the levels of platelets. He continues to receive regular injections of Nplate.
Recent lumbar puncture showed that marrow transplant had fully engrafted. The bone marrow biopsy results are pending. Gera still has mild skin graft versus host disease symptoms, and he continues to receive low doses of hormone therapy.
The boy is feeling well, he is very active and cannot wait for his birthday and, of course, presents. He is not as enthusiastic about getting ready for school, but continues learning to write with his mom.

Update as of April 10, 2015. The biopsy showed that German's bone marrow produces platelets in a sufficient amount, but for some reason, these cells do not reach the periphery.
A week ago, his skin GVHD aggravated, but after initiation of hormone therapy, Gera's skin condition improved and his platelet count increased. Treatment with mesenchymal cells is being considered. Therapy with Nplate continues.
Gera feels well and active. He celebrated his seventh birthday at the children's city "Kidburg": he tried himself in the role of a postman, policeman, fireman and farmer.

Update as of May 19, 2015. Germans's platelet count had remained normal for about three weeks without NPlate. Now his platelet count has gone down and he is once again administered NPlate. He is also continuing the hormonal therapy: each time the doctors lowered the dosage, he would get another skin GVHD attack, but they finally seem to have found the optimal dosage.
The boy is feeling fine. He tries to be outside as much as possible and has recently started biking without the support wheels. Gera's newest passion is Harry Potter. He is still working his way through the first book, but is already completely absorbed by the wizard world.
In the meantime, German's mom is putting together the application for school: next year her son will start the first grade.

Update as of June 22, 2015. Doctors have decided to postpone active treatment for German and to continue his maintenance therapy. Skin GVHD is not apparent now and the doctors are lowering his hormonal and immunosuppressive drugs very slowly in order to avoid a recurrence of GVHD and a sharp drop of his blood counts.
Gera's Ciclosporin level is normal, his pressure is not rising, and his thrombocyte counts stays within 50 000 without transfusions and maintenance therapy with Nplate.
The boy feels well, is happy, and goes for walks in the park with his mom. Yesterday, German was out on the gulf for the first time in his life - he walked barefoot along the beach (his mom did not let him walk into the water, as it was cold) and built sandcastles.

Update as of July 30, 2015. Two weeks ago Gera was hospitalized at Gorbacheva Institute with bilateral otitis, accompanied by high fever. Thanks to the antibiotic therapy the boy feels better now. Currently his treatment includes also hormones and immunoglobulins. Gera's blood counts are a little low, and he receives injections of Nplate as needed.
The boy feels rather well, but wants to go home, and the doctors have promised to discharge him from the hospital in a week, if everything goes well.

Update as of September 15, 2015. Gera recovered after the infection, and his blood counts returned to normal. He does not need blood transfusions and receives Nplate injections every 2 weeks. Gera still has mild skin GVHD, and he receives immunosuppressive drug Rapamune as well as hormonal ointments.
German feels rather well. He is active and happy. This year he started 1st grade, and he loves his new status, studying with his teacher and time with his friends (Gera is homeschooled, but with doctors' permission he spends time with his classmates).

Update as of October 20, 2015. German is continuing maintenance therapy with Nplate. He receives injections every two weeks, depending on his platelet count. At this time, the medication is paid for by a corporate sponsor, Lenenergo.
German still has mild skin GVHD and receives therapy with Rapamune and Advantan ointment.
He is continuing studies under 1st grade curriculum. Most of all, he enjoys playing with other kids and receiving stickers for doing a good job. Lately, he has also developed an interest in dinosaurs and he can read magazines about them to no end.

Update as of November 23, 2015. Gera is continuing Nplate therapy. An injection is currently effective for about 3 weeks. He had recently had exacerbation of skin GVHD and Rapamune dose was increased.
German feels rather well and continues his studies at the 1st grade. Recently he began learning English with Yulia, a volunteer. He still loves dinosaurs and dreams of getting Jurassic World Legos for Christmas, but more than anything he wishes to be transported back to that time and see everything with his own eyes.

Update as of January 28, 2016. After Gera received three injections of Nplate, the platelet count began to grow. The nosebleeds have stopped. The doctors decided to stop giving the boy this drug temporarily and watch the dynamic of the blood parameters. Because Gera is taking Rapamune, the GVHD of skin is under control now.
Gera feels rather well, he is in a fine spirits. He is studying the program of the first grade in school with the help of his mum (his school is closed because of influenza). The rest of the time he is playing Lego and his favorite toys - dinosaurs.

Update as of March 3, 2016. Gera is still seen as an outpatient and once a week he receives Nplate injections. He will soon have complete evaluation.
Skin GVHD still manifests itself, becoming more acute when German's blood counts drop. He receives therapy with Rapamune.
Gera feels rather well, but lately it has been difficult to talk him into visiting the hospital for procedures. Mostly he stays at home: doing homework, studying English with a tutor and enjoying reading. Aside from Harry Potter, Gera developed a liking for Pushkin's fairytales. Recently he became a library member with his mom.

Update as of March 31, 2016. Gera is undergoing control tests in Gorbacheva Institute. The puncture showed a good functioning of bone marrow. All the lineages are present and functioning. The results of trepanobiopsy are not ready yet.
Gera's platelets are still unstable and they have to be maintained with Nplate injections. There was the discussion of replacement of Rapamune by another immunosuppressive drug.
Gera is seen at the day hospital; he feels quite well. He is not as much interested in studying by the end of the year, and prefers to watch cartoons and play with Lego.

Update as of April 29, 2016. German is still seen as a day patient and about every two weeks he receives Nplate to raise his platelets. Lately, his skin GVHD worsened - most likely, because Rapamune is not being absorbed well. The plan is to transition him gradually to Cellsept, another medication.
When the weather is good, Gera and his mom go out for walks. He continues following school curriculum: although he is tired of studying, he does well on tests.

Update as of June 21, 2016. The doctors decided to offer German another round of Mabthera treatments; the paperwork is currently being processed. In the meantime, the boy continues the therapy according to the previous schedule: Nplate injections every three weeks. German's skin GVHD has improved; he continues taking small dosages of Cellcept and Rapamune. The boy reads voraciously (he enjoys short stories by Nosov and Charushin), is studying multiplication tables, and continues English lessons with a volunteer. Overall, German's mood is good, though he often feels sluggish because of his low hemoglobin levels.

Update as of August 5, 2016. German feels rather well and his skin GVHD symptoms have subsided (he continues taking low doses of Rapamune and Cellcept). His blood counts are pretty good thanks to Nplate therapy. His doctors decided to postpone Mabthera therapy and return to considering it in fall, after bone marrow biopsy that was scheduled for end of September - early October.
For now, Gera and his mom traveled home to Tyumen for monitoring by local hematologists. They plan to return in late August, because in September Gera will start school.
Gera has not been back home for almost two years. He has already seen his relatives and is now going through his books and toys and waiting for his friend's return from vacation. It is very hot in Tyumen right now, so most likely his family will soon relocate to dacha soon.

Update as of September 7, 2016. Unfortunately, German spent almost entire time he was in Tyumen in the hospital: he developed several viral and bacterial infections at the same time. His platelet count was maintained by Nplate therapy, and the other counts did not come down significantly.
German overcame his infections by now, and he recently returned with his mom to St. Petersburg. Gera feels rather well, but he is upset to have missed the first day of school celebration.

Update as of October 18, 2016. German recently developed a respiratory infection and tonsillitis and was seeing a pulmonologist at the Raukhfus Hospital. He was prescribed antibiotics and inhalations. The infection is now gone; the boy is feeling fine. He is really enjoying his classes with his tutor.
Gera is currently going through his follow up exams. He is still taking Nplate as necessary. Therefore he does not need platelet transfusions. His further treatment will be discussed at a consult with Moscow experts.

Update as of November 22, 2016. Based on puncture results, donor's bone marrow engraftment is normal, but cell count has gone down. Spinal cord biopsy results are not yet ready. Blood counts are not decreasing noticeably, and Nplate injections every 3 weeks allow maintaining platelet count at acceptable level. Immunosuppressive therapy with Rapamune is ongoing.
German's lungs are in order, but he recently had a viral infection and is receiving therapy with immunoglobulins.
He feels rather well and continues studuing under 2nd grade curriculum. German only had one "B" in math in the 1st quarter - he was not too enthused about studying the multiplication tables.
Gera goes to the library and takes voice classes. He also hopes to take robotics classes in the future (currently, there are no available spots). Staying true to his passion, Gera asked Father Frost for another Lego set for the New Year celebration.

Update as of January 27, 2017. German continues to receive the Nplate therapy (injection every two to three weeks) and Rapamune. He feels rather well. German enjoys his studies, but the singing lessons had to be paused, as there are many various infections currently, and Gera and his mom are trying to avoid crowds.
In the near future, Gera will go for an evaluation at Gorbacheva Institute.

Update as of March 4, 2017. German is continuing therapy with immunosuppressive drug Rapamune and injections of Nplate every 2-3 weeks. He is provided with Nplate by Dmitry Malikov Foundation. The testing at Gorbacheva Institute was moved to March. Gera is currently undergoing specialist evaluation for his disability application.
Gera spends the remaining time at home where he studies according to the school curriculum (without great enthusiasm), reads and enjoys his studies of English with Yulia, a volunteer.

Update as of April 2, 2017. German is under the care of doctors from Gorbacheva Institute. His therapy continues according to the agreed treatment regimen: immunosuppressant Rapamune and platelet-booster Nplate.
German feels rather well. Recent Nplate injection improved his blood count. He has not yet been examined. Currently, the paperwork is being done to get the federal quota.
School break is almost over and Gera is about to get back to his classes. He spends his time mostly at home, reading and playing.

Update as of November 22, 2017. Gera is feeling well. He is still monitored as a day patient at the Gorbacheva Institute. Last autumn the boy had a bad cold with ear infection, but he has now fully recovered.
Gera is still on Rapamune and a biweekly dose of Nplate. His platelet count remains unstable.
The doctors plan to supplement Nplate with a round of immunoglobulin therapy before the holidays because this combination is optimal for maintaining platelet count.
Gera enjoys reading and is a very good student. He got straight A's for the first half-term. He also loves his Lego. He joined an animation studio and a robotics class and is very excited about both. He is less keen when it comes to homework.


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