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In September 2008 my 16-year old son Sergei was admitted to Children's hospital No.1. There he was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia, intermediary stage. He is now undergoing treatment and has not yet achieved remission. Aside from Sergei, we also have two daughters: Anya, 13, and Nastia, 2.
I am currently on a sick leave and my husband is the only one who works. Our financial situation is currently very difficult. We are asking for help with buying expensive supporting medications. We are very grateful to everyone who responds in advance.
Tatiana, Sergei's mom
December 2008

Attention! We renew fund-raising for Sergei's treatment

I live in St. Petersburg. When I was 16 (in 2008) I was diagnosed with acute lymphatic leukemia. I had been receiving medical treatment for 2 years. Because of financial difficulties my family was forced to seek aid through social media and by applying to charities. Many people, including our friends as well as total strangers didn't stand idly by and rushed to help. My family and I have always remembered the people who lent me a helping hand when I was caught between life and death with gratitude and appreciation. The way toward my recovery was thorny and long. The disease retreated, but due to complications I had to undergo two operations. The first was needed to treat gastric ulcer which developed during a chemotherapy cycle. In 2013 I also underwent endoprosthesis to replace my ruined hip joint.
My doctors kept saying that if there is no relapse within 5 years after the treatment, I will be considered cured. Almost 7 years passed. My relatives and I believed that everything was fine and the disease disappeared forever. For all these years I had lived my life to the fullest: did sports, worked, traveled, found love, and got married. Now I am 25 and to my deepest regret, in 2018 I had a relapse. I am currently receiving chemotherapy at Raisa Gorbacheva Institute of Pediatric Oncology, Hematology and Transplantation. The doctors say the prognosis is reassuring. I feel well, full of strength and desire to live.
I currently need 20 vials of the drug called Neupomax which costs 30,800 rubles. Other medications may also be needed. Later on I will have to look for an unrelated bone marrow donor, as my two younger sisters did not match me as donors.
I am reaching out to you with a request for help. Your financial support will save my life! My wife, my family and I will be eternally grateful to those who will not turn a deaf ear to my request.



Update as of December 22, 2008. Unfortunately Serezha's father lost his job. His family's financial situation is extremely difficult, and there are three children to feed. We will be grateful for any help to this family.

Update as of February 3, 2009. We are continuing treatment with mini-blocks. We buy the following medications: Malavit, Tantum-verde, Mycomax, Latran and others. Sergei feels well. We will be allowed to stay at home until February 8th and we need help with paying for taxi (1,400 rubles), as Sergei cannot use public transportation. We are thankful to everyone who is helping us!
Sergei's father

Update as of March 27, 2009. The latest chemotherapy course was very hard for Serezha: he got into an intensive care unit and had a surgery on his intestines. On March 15 Serezha was transferred back to the unit. On March 22 he was anointed by Father Oleg, and Serezha got better. He started to eat (for now it's only porridge and purees), to walk and play with other children. We have to buy lots of drugs: Meksidol, Octreotide, Venter and others. We are so grateful to all donators for their invaluable help in acquiring drugs and food! It would be very hard for us to cope without your help.
Serezha's mother

Update as of April 15, 2009 Sergei's stitches were removed and the probe was removed from his duodenum. After that he was allowed to start eating cereals and vegetable purees prepared in a blender. Starting on March 26th, Sergei was allowed to eat broccoli and cauliflower, and cottage cheese.
Serezha can now move around by himself, he feels well and actively communicates with his peers. We are waiting for his complete recovery. Serezha started therapy with 6MP.
We are very grateful to those people who responded and helped us at our difficult times. Thank you very much!
Serezha's parents

Update as of April 30, 2009 Serezha is continuing treatment under individual protocol. He feels well and is in a good mood. He still needs to undergo several months of chemotherapy and, possibly, radiaiton. We are enormously grateful to everyone who had helped us during the difficult time when Serezha needed treatment for ulcer in the post-operative period.
Serezha's father

Update as of June 23, 2009. Serezha completed the main course of treatment and was discharged home for supporting therapy. He is in remission in regards to his main illness and feels relatively well. We are enormously grateful to everyone who helped us!

Update as of October 15, 2009. Serezha will be on supporting chemotherapy until September of next year. Every week he travels to the hospital for tests. Everything is well and Serezha feels good. Next week he is planned to stay at the hospital for another supporting chemotherapy.

Update as of January 31, 2010. Until September Serezha will receive maintenance therapy: an injection of Methotrexate a week and re-induction once every 6 weeks (i.e. short-term hospitalization for maintenance therapy). Since his father will be without work until March, he cannot pay for taxi rides from Rybatsky and back anymore. The family is in a very difficult financial situation and needs help for paying for taxis or someone to take them to the hospital.

Update as of March 10, 2011. Serezha has finished the treatment implied by the protocol and is still in remission. He is undergoing examinations. The boy is feeling fine.

Update as of April 12, 2018. Sergei is undergoing the third adjuvant course of chemotherapy now. He feels well. Bone marrow transplantation from an unrelated donor is in the plans. We are asking for your help in raising 18,000 euros to pay for donor search in a foreign registry. In addition, 120,000 rubles are needed to deliver the transplant to St. Petersburg.

Update as of May 3, 2018. Sergei was allowed to go home. He had a difficult time recovering after chemotherapy, but he is feeling much better now. Thanks to support of donors, money was raised for the initial payment for donor search at the international registry. Sergei is planning to transfer funds today, which will start the donor search process.

Update as of June 20, 2018. A bone marrow donor was found for Sergei!
At present Sergei is undergoing therapy with blinatumomab at Gorbacheva Institute. He is in the second day of the 28-day cycle. Upon completion of therapy and subsequent evaluation, the doctors will set the date of transplantation.

Update as of July 30, 2018. Sergei finished a course of therapy with blinatumomab. He is scheduled for a biopsy at Gorbacheva Institute on August 1, the results of which will help determine further treatment. Sergei feels well and he is currently working. He says that he is prepared for another course of treatment and transplant.

Update as of August 28, 2018. Sergei is at Gorbacheva Institute for preparation for bone marrow transplantation, which is scheduled for August 31.

Update as of September 18, 2018. Sergei is recovering after bone marrow transplantation, performed on August 31 at Gorbacheva Institute. His blood counts are gradually going up. He feels better and says that it was really hard when his blood counts dropped to zero, mainly because of weakness and mucositis. At present Sergei recovered from mucositis.

Update as of October 8, 2018. Sergei was discharged for a follow-up as a day patient on September 29th. Donor's bone marrow engrafted fully and functions well. Sergei is receiving IV infusions daily for renal function support, and generally feel quite well and at times very well.

Update as of January 16, 2019. Sergei is getting ready for driving school tests and he is a bit worried. It was decided to postpone donor's lymphocyte infusion to avoid provoking GVHD. Sergei began regaining weight, although he slowed down because of a recent viral infection. Today Sergei had a biopsy, the results of which will be available in a week.

Update as of February 04, 2019. Sergei got his chimerism test results: he has complete engraftment of the donor's bone marrow. His blood count is gradually going up. Sergei had successfully passed his driving test and at the moment he is getting ready to retake his knowledge test in a driving school. Spring term exams are also just round the corner, so Sergei has his hands full.

Update as of February 28, 2019. Sergei feels well and he is getting ready for mid-terms. The doctors allowed him to start working, but he decided to finish his studies first. His blood counts are growing. Sergei will have a lumbar puncture in mid-March.


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