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In the modern world, cancer is no longer a death sentence. Up to 80% of patients can be healed. However, the treatment requires advanced medications and latest methods of testing and therapy. In our country, many of these medications, tests and therapies are very expensive.
The goal of AdVita fund is to help bring this costly treatment to as many patients as possible. We want to make sure that our patients' lives depend not on their financial situation, but on progress of modern medicine. Donations like yours help us raise thousands of rubles, dollars and euros, which are used to buy such medications as Vfend ($4,000 for a monthly therapy) and Cancidas ($12,000), pay for bone marrow donor searches in the international registry (18,000 euros for each search), tomography tests (5,000 - 30,000 rubles) and implants (5,000 - 15,000 euros).
You can also support families of sick children, help them with buying food and clothes, and paying for apartment rent for out-of-town patients and for cell phone service, which is the only connection with the outside world for mothers and children who stay at the hospitals for many months. Your kindness will help to ensure that sick children have all they need for the recovery. Unfortunately, they are dependent on our kindness only. And maybe it is for the best.
At the personal page of each of our patient you will find their stories, latest news and treatment progression, medical documents and donation report, as well as contact phones and addresses. Most importantly, specific requests for help are published there. If you have any questions, you can email us or call at + 7 (812) 3372733, + 7 (812) 963-62-43. All urgent requests are published on the news page.
Our patients constantly need help from blood donors, sometimes from up to 10 donors a week. We would like to ask everyone who is ready to donate his or her blood to email us or call fund AdVita's blood donation hotline at +7 (812) 3372733.
Our patients also need help from volunteers with bringing groceries to the hospital or looking for a particular medication at the pharmacies, transporting patients from one hospital to another or simply visiting a child. In addition, we need volunteers to help with organizing charitable events. We will also appreciate your ideas and help with spreading the word about our patients.
We will be very grateful for any help and support.

Our most pressing needs are the following:

- We need to raise money for donor search for Alexandra Shvedchikova, Elena Bachina, Yulia Korsunskaya, Svetlana Migalenya, Alexander Boldarev, Alexei Mokrushin, Maria Zapalova, Victoria Khlamova, Olga Netesova, Alexei Mikhailov, Elena Korostleva, Alexander Beresnev, Natalia Evdokimova, Sergei Koryavko, Polina Solovieva, Petr Zhgun, Lubov Kovak, Andrei Bazarenko, Alexei Kolomiytsev, Andei Shtyrev, Mikhail Sergeev, Anton Loginov, Dmitry Karpov, Dmitry Shalygin, Ilya Scherbakov, Svetlana Minaicheva, Andrei Sharypov, Sergei Barabash, Sergei Strikanov, Rinat Aznabaev, Igor Andreev, Ludmila Ponamareva, Alinur Ismagilov, Valentina Krasyuk, Akhmer Kozhakhmetov, Alena Mescherina, Irina Molokoedova, Bakhruz Emirgamzaev, Evgenia Kobyakova, Sergei Troeglazov, Ekaterina Ustinova, Nikolay Tsveleniev, Sergei Khayuzkin, Tatiana Shinkareva, Ilya Bashlachev, Vasily Bolkunov, Artem Kuzin, Anastasiya Apraksina, Andrei Khomyakov, Tatiana Vinokhodova, Alexander Saenko, Anastasia Idiatullina, Vladimir Petrov.

Out-of-town patients that come for bone marrow transplantation to Pavlov State Medical University often need to rent apartments near BMT clinic that is located on ul. Rentgena, 12. The apartments have to be clean and without any mold or leaks. We will be very grateful for help with finding and paying for studio and one-bedroom apartments near Petrogradskaya subway station. In some cases, patients can also rent a room from the apartment owners. However, our patients cannot rent rooms in communal apartments due to health concerns.

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         These former patients need your help with rehabilitation         
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Bone marrow transplantation clinic in SPbMU. Give the gift of life for somebody in Russia.

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